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happiness “reward”

Happiness is necessary to life.  Without it life drowns in melancholy.

There needs to be an element of happiness in education, in the school day.  If only measured as engagement and flow.  Of course, conventional schools will have none of this.  They break the natural paths to engagement and thus to flow and happiness.  I don’t make this up.  A collaborator of the father of the flow theory has done the research, (more here) and it reveals very clearly that there is an alternative to conventional education that leads to greater happiness in students.  All the while, conventional schools offer the usual model which leads to deadened desire, decreased motivation and making happiness impossible in the pursuit of learning.

Part of the problem is the culture of grades, perfection, error avoidance, etc. All of which take us away from the right route and steer us down the road to disappointment, caution, being bland, etc.  It is always the ones who “step out of line” in school who are reigned in, isn’t it?  How does this relate to the Apple ad of 1997? You know  the one – about misfits/troublemakers/etc.. who change the world.

We need schools that not only “permit” such types to become, thrive and rise up, we need schools that will encourage all to at least go down this road.  No matter where you go on the road, it’s the road to be on, it’s nature’s road.

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